Key Enabling Technology Call propels ENIAC JU 2012 project proposals above euro 1.25 billion

(Nanowerk News) The eligible costs of the R&D project outlines submitted in response to the ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU) 2012 calls exceed Euro 1.25 billion, driven by strong Key Enabling Technologies (KET) Pilot Line proposals representing over 75% of the total. The proposals are now in evaluation and selection for funding according to the principles of equal treatment, excellence and competition. The available budget can provide grants for about half of them.
The High-Level Experts Group established by the European Commission identified “micro- and nanoelectronics including semiconductors”, presently addressed by the ENIAC JU, as one of six KETs with systemic relevance for the European growth, competitiveness and jobs.
Andreas Wild, Executive Director of the ENIAC JU, said: “In 2012, the ENIAC JU establishes itself as an instrument of choice in implementing KET policies in nanoelectronics. Our public funding increased by 70% last year and again by 60% this year, demonstrating that a majority of the ENIAC member States gained trust in the ENIAC JU ability to deliver”.
The 2012 projects further expand the ENIAC JU portfolio already exceeding Euro 1 Billion in total R&D costs. They cover three technology and five application areas addressing European societal challenges, involving the whole nanolectronics ecosystem, including more than 400 organizations among which 30% are large companies, 40% SMEs, and 30% Universities and research institutes.
About the ENIAC Joint Undertaking
The ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU) is a public-private partnership on nanoelectronics bringing together the ENIAC member States, the European Union, and AENEAS (an association representing European R&D actors).
It coordinates research activities through competitive calls for proposals to enhance the further integration and miniaturization of devices, and increase their functionalities. It shall deliver new materials, equipment and processes, new architectures, innovative manufacturing processes, disruptive design methodologies, new packaging and ‘systemising’ methods. It will drive and be driven by innovative high-tech applications in communication and computing, transport, health care and wellness, energy and environmental management, security and safety, and entertainment.
The ENIAC JU was set up in February 2008 and will allocate grants throughout 2013. The projects selected for funding shall be executed till 31 December 2017. The total value of the R&D activities generated through ENIAC JU is estimated at 3 B€.
Source: ENIAC
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