Two new centres join Basque nanotechnology research

(Nanowerk News) Two new Basic Excellence Research Centres (BERCs) promoted by the Basque Government, the Basque Centre for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures (BCmaterials), dedicated to new materials, and the Basque Centre for Macromolecular Design & Engineering (Polymat), centred on macromolecular design, join the Basque nanoscience research.
These two centres are added to the other two BERCs in the Basque network of science and innovation related with nanotechnologies, the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) and the Centro de Física de Materiales (CFM), which, along with entities like CIC nanoGUNE allow the Basque fabric of research specialised in nanotechnologies to compete at the highest international level.
Professor of Applied Physics of the Department of Electricity and Electronics of the UPV/EHU, José Manuel Barandiarán, will direct BCmaterials, which will focus on the relation between the structure and the properties of the functional materials (conductors, magnets, optics...), a field with very diverse applications in engineering.
On its part, the Polymat BERC, directed by professor of Chemical Engineering José Maria Asua, intends to establish itself as a centre of international repute in polymers, materials which are very versatile and with infinite applications.
The Basque science and innovation network has nine BERCs dedicated to research in fields as diverse as mathematics, climate change, neurosciences, nanotechnologies and materials.
Source: Basque Research