Exploitable results of FP7 metamaterials projects

(Nanowerk News) Black-board designs of metamaterials (artificial materials with advantageous or even radically new properties) have been around for some years. Manufacturing 2D and 3D nanostructured metamaterials was a challenge. metamaterials brochure
Four projects have been funded by the European Commission within the seventh Framework Program with the purpose to develop appropriate fabrication and characterisation technologies for nanostructured metamaterials: NIM_NIL, NANOGOLD, MAGNONICS, and METACHEM.

Using nano-scale inclusions and clever materials engineering, it is now possible to realise the black-board designs of metamaterials operating with light and spin waves.

The brochure presents these manufacturing and characterisation technologies to the application designers, who can then use them to create sensors and filters for information processing, which may find application in all industrial sectors. These optimised manufacturing technologies can of course also be applied outside the field of metamaterials to create advanced 2D or 3D nanostructures.
Source: European Commission
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