Results from the 1st Asia Nano Forum Summit Technical Seminar in Bangkok

(Nanowerk News) The topic concerning the regulation of nanotechnology is an ongoing controversial discussion in many countries and in international forum around the world. In some countries, nanomaterial labeling is not required while in others it is.
NANOTEC and Asia Nano Forum (ANF) jointly organized the 1st Asia Nano Forum Summit Technical Seminar in Bangkok on “Nano Labeling and Safety Issues” and “Green Nanotechnology”. Invited speakers from 15 of ANF member economics participated in the technical presentation and discussion.
Prof. Teruo Kishi, President of Asia Nano Forum
Prof. Teruo Kishi, President of Asia Nano Forum.
“Risk assessment for manufactured nanomaterials is considered to be the first step for risk assessment for entire nanotechnology. Exposure assessment is integrated with hazard to assess the risk of manufactured nanomaterials” said Dr. Gaku Ichihara of Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine who gave a talk on Occupational and Environmental Health in Nanotechnology. “Moreover, exposure assessment is considered to be the entrance for further occupational health survey or epidemiology on the workers exposed to manufactured nanomaterials”.
Also speaking at the seminar was Prof. Yasuhiko Sugii, Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan who gave a talk on “Research Activities of the nanotechnology in Japan”. According to Prof. Yasuhiko, the University of Tokyo is initiating a new project “Green Network of Excellence (GRENE)” for nanotechnology in Japan, named as “Creation of the Network of Excellence for the Human Resource Development, and Advanced Environmental Materials and Devices toward Environment and Energy Technology” sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in Japan. The objective of the project is to integrate research accomplishments and knowledge of “Advanced Environmental Materials” to create advanced environmental materials by upgrading technologies for microstructure analysis and micro fabrication as follows:
1. Creation of new research network by cooperation of three hub centers
2. Synthesis of advanced materials and demonstration of devices toward energy-harvesting and energy-saving
3. Establishment of novel curriculum by utilizing highly advanced facility
The 1st ANFoS Technical Seminar was held in conjunction with the Asia Nano Forum Summit 2012 (ANFoS 2012) which is is an annual meeting of the representatives of 15 economic members of Asia Nano Forum (ANF). The meeting provides an opportunity for member countries to update on status of nanotechnology development in their respective countries. It also serves as a venue to hold the ANF Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Thailand is the host country for ANFoS 2012 and NANOTEC is the main organizer of the event.