BEUC calls on EU to define nanomaterials in cosmetics

(Nanowerk News) The EU Commission is planning to align two differing definitions used for the term ‘nano-material’, one contained in the EU Regulation on cosmetic products and the other in the EU Commission recommendation for the term ‘nano-material’. The Commission’s aim is to apply the updated definition to cosmetic products as soon as the nano-specific requirements enter into force.
In this position paper, BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, outlines which elements such a definition should contain in order to effectively protect consumers from unknown hazards that may be related to cosmetic products which use new nanomaterials.
In BEUC's point of view, a definition of nanomaterials in cosmetic products needs to:
- include all materials in which more than 0,15 % of the number of particles are present in the nano-size range;
- cover by-products which are not intentionally manufactured but which are present in the nano-range;
- include soluble nano-particles and nano-structures which have specifically been designed to carry encapsulated substances that will be released to the systemic circulation;
- include nano-particles below 1nm such as fullerenes;
- add a criterion on volume specific surface area as particle size distribution alone is insufficient to give information about the surface area which has an impact on the reactivity of the particles.
Source: BEUC
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