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Special web feature on nanomaterials and the environment

(Nanowerk News) The French NGO Avicenn juste released a special web feature on "Nanomaterials and Environment".
Designed as an overview accessible to the lay public, it includes developments (in French) on:
  • The questions about “green nano” and the promises about a greener nano future;
  • Current knowledge and the large gaps remaining in our understanding;
  • Available and possible ways forward for the urgent implementation of the precautionary principle
  • There are also more detailed pages on:
  • Engineered nanomaterial release in the environment?
  • Fate and behaviour of nanomaterials in the environment?
  • Detection and monitoring in the environment?
  • Funding of risks studies?
  • Readers are welcome to suggest additions at redaction[at], as the documents are meant to be updated.
    Source: Avicenn
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