Recent advances in cellulose nanotechnology research

(Nanowerk News) PFI has the pleasure to organize the 4th research seminar about cellulose and their nanomaterials. The seminar will take place at PFI in Norway, on November 14-15, 2012. This will be a follow-up of the successful seminars in Trondheim 2006, 2008, 2010. The seminar offers an excellent scientific program, including topics which reflect the most recent advances from basic research to practical applications.
During the last years it has been considerable interest in cellulose nanofibrils due to the wide range of potential areas of application. This includes replacement for plastics, reinforcement of composite materials, boosting paper properties, barrier material in packaging and bio-medical applications.
cellulose nanofibrils.
A structure formed by cellulose nanofibrils. (Image: Gary Chinga Carrasco, PFI)
The seminar will include topics such as production of nanofibrillated materials, which attracts much interest as the reduction of energy required to fibrillate cellulose fibres poses an important economical aspect. In addition, talks about alternative sources for production of cellulose nanofibrils, based on e.g. bio-residues will be presented. The application of cellulose nanofibrils as the basis for nanofiltration is a recent topic that has raised significant interest. Recent results exemplifying the advances in this area are part of the seminar program. In this respect the biocompatibility of cellulose is also most important. A recent study that will be presented during the seminar has explored the biocompatibility of cellulose nanofibril structures that will be utilized as substrate in bio-medical applications.
The seminar is organized by PFI in Trondheim and counts with various international renowned speakers. It is expected that the seminar will bring together representatives from industry and relevant research groups worldwide. This will offer a unique opportunity to get insight into the latest developments in this field and allow a fruitful exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Source: PFI