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Scientists use nanoindentation to determine mechanical properties of bone cement

(Nanowerk News) Researchers succeeded in the characterization of bone cement by using nanoindentation and nano scratch tests (see paper in Polymer Testing: "Investigation of mechanical and tribological properties of bone cement by nano-indentation and nano-scratch experiments").
Nanoindentation and nano scratch tests are used nowadays as new methods in order to determine mechanical properties of bone cement. In this research, mechanical properties like elasticity module, normal toughness, scratch toughness, and surface properties, including resistance against the abrasion of bone cement samples were determined through the experiments. Bone cement is used in orthopedics in the treatment of body joints and the production of bone prostheses.
The research will result in the determination of an optimum method in order to produce the cement. Data of the method showed that the mixing of bone cement with vacuum cement mixing method increased and improved mechanical and surface properties of the bone cement.
The presented method in this research can solve some of the existing problems in this regard due to its advantages. Mechanical and surface properties of the bone cement can be determined more quickly and cost-effectively by using nanoindentation and nano scratch tests. The synthesis of samples for this test requires very small amount of material and the production process is not complicated.
Source: INIC
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