CIC microGUNE and the Clarity Institute collaborate in the research of functional nanomaterials in microfluid systems

(Nanowerk News) CIC microGUNE has initiated a line of collaboration with the Clarity Centre for Sensor Web Technologies of Dublin City University (Ireland) to jointly promote research of new functional nanomaterials and their integration into microfluid systems which provide interesting properties for their application in multiple sectors.
Both research centres strengthened their bonds during the 2nd International Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials, held recently at the Clarity Centre, where Fernando Benito-López, researcher at the microfluid unit of CIC microGUNE, presented the areas of specialisation of the Basque centre and its main research projects.
Benito-López, who before working at CIC microGUNE developed a line of research centred on sensorial materials integrated in microfluid systems at the Irish centre, met with colleagues from different European centres during the event to prepare joint participation in one of the areas which CIC microGUNE is working on.
The future project, classified within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, centres on the production of microfluid and sensory systems to measure pathogens in water. The objective of the consortium is to obtain solutions for the public water supply industry through microtechnologies.
Within the consortium, CIC microGUNE’s mission is the production of the primary device, in which microtechnology solutions will be used.
Source: nanoBasque
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