CIC nanoGUNE gathers over 70 international experts in nanolithography in San Sebastian

(Nanowerk News) CIC nanoGUNE gathered over 70 international experts in lithography between the 13 and 15 November during the Nanolito 2012 workshop held at the centre’s installation in San Sebastián.
Nanolito is the state nanolithography network, which CIC nanoGUNE is a part of, and which brings together over 50 research groups made up of 137 researchers. In the Basque country Instituto Universitario Mixto de Microelectrónica, IK4-IKERLAN, CEIT-IK4, IK4-TEKNIKER and the Tecnalia technology corporation, make up part of the network, among others.
Nanolithography makes reference to a collection of techniques which allow for the engraving or sculpting of a drawing previously created by computer on the surface of practically any material (polymers, metals, ceramic...) at a nanometric scale.
Thanks to this technique, devices can be manufactured (nanochips, nanotransistors, biochips...) with new properties because of their extremely reduced size. Knowing and dominating these complex techniques is necessary to develop cutting-edge nanotechnology.
During the three days of the workshop, reputed international researchers on the subject like L. Pain, from the CEA-LETI centre in Grenoble (France); M. Morris, from the University College of Cork (Ireland); and C.W. Hagen, from the Delft University of Technology (Holland) participated.
Source: nanoBasque
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