Hampton University School of Science receives $2.9 million to establish nanoscience concentration

(Nanowerk News) The Hampton University School of Science received a $2.9 million grant to establish a nanoscience concentration. The multidisciplinary concentration will engage students in nanoscience education and research with international partners.
The National Science Foundation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program (HBCU-UP) funded the grant that will support the Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) Implementation Project.
“Nanoscience is one of the major drivers of STEM research in recent times,” stated Dr. Michelle O. Claville, assistant dean in the HU School of Science and lead principle investigator of the grant. “When you look at the molecule on the nano-scale, everything we know about it changes.”
The nanoscience concentration will span across the targeted disciplines biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics. An HU team worked with Claville to create the project based on the needs of HU students and faculty. The team included Dr. Elnora Daniel, Special Assistant to the President for Research; Dr. Calvin Lowe, HU School of Science dean; Dr. Edison Fowlks, professor of biology; Dr. Halima Ali, professor of mathematics, Dr. Raymond Samuel, HU School of Engineering and Technology assistant dean.
“It is important for our university to generate students that can produce in the areas of software development, metagenomics, weaponry, space exploration and so much more,” stated Claville. “I am passionate about producing and influencing the next generation of great thinkers.”
The nanoscience concentration will have significant effects on faculty and students. HU students will be required to partner with national and international universities and research centers to conduct nanoscience related research. HU faculty will be afforded the opportunity to receive professional development with the expectation of increase in scholarly activities.
The concentration will be implemented during the 2013-2014 academic school year.
Source: Hampton University School of Science
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