Nanotechnologies from the point of view of an insurance underwriter

(Nanowerk News) The article "Handling Nanotechnologies with foresight in the context of Liability insurance", published by reinsurance company Gen Re, describes potential risks of nanotechnologies from the perspective of insurance companies and shows strategies for foresight handling.
The article concludes that "In summary it must be noted that our goal as an insurance industry should support highly profitable nanotechnologies from an underwriting perspective, but without losing sight of the considerable risk potential. This can only be achieved through risk identifi cation, risk monitoring and risk analysis. Simply waiting until risk materialises could have signifi cant consequences for the insurance industry.
"Moreover, we should be thinking now about how we can align both of those goals — support for nanotechnologies and justifi able limitation of the potential fi nancial risks for the insurance industry. A step in the right direction could be to contain the problem of late claims, which are inherent with these technologies, by employing the claims made principle."
Source: General Re, via Innovation Society
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