nanoMICEX project publishes its first newsletter

(Nanowerk News) The EU FP7 project nanoMICEX (Mitigation of Risk and Control of Exposure in Nanotechnology-based Inks and Pigments) has published its first newsletter.
The team behind the project have been working hard over the past year on improving the conditions for workers in the inks and pigments industry, and this newsletter describes the latest news and developments from it.
The article looks back at what has been done in the past year, and looks to the future to show what is set to happen further. Particular highlights of this issue are reports by multiple members of the consortium, describing what they’ve been working on since the project’s inception.
The next issue is due September 2013.
About nanoMICEX
nanoMICEX is an EU FP7 funded project, entitled Mitigation of Risk and Control of Exposure in Nanotechnology-based Inks and Pigments.
Nanotechnology and in particular, the use of nanoparticles in ink and pigment formulations have a great potential for new applications, leading to products with new or enhanced properties, and opening new market opportunities.
In order to address these major concerns and considering the project concept, the main objective of NANOMICEX project is to reduce the potential risk upon worker’s exposure to engineered nanoparticles through the modification of nanoparticles properties with effective surface modifiers and the characterization of practical and cost effective risk management strategies in the particular operative conditions of the inks and pigments industry.
Source: nanoMICEX
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