How to manufacture printed electronics - Live demonstration

(Nanowerk News) On April 17-18, the Printed Electronics Europe conference and exhibition in Berlin, Germany, will feature "Manufacturing Street" - a live, multi-technology, printed electronics demonstration. Being part of the exhibition, this years' Manufacturing Street brings together seven organisations in the supply chain who will demonstrate a number of printing and process steps in interactive sessions throughout the event, printing functional inks and assembling printed and conventional electronics devices.
Manufacturing Street provides a unique opportunity to see a combination of processes in one place. Different types of printing processes and three different printed electronics applications will be demonstrated - and their setup and use explained - in addition to sintering steps and finished devices. All parts will be joined together at the show to produce working real life applications.
Highlights of Manufacturing Street include:
  • Inkjet printing demonstrations provided by Fujifilm Dimatix
  • Screen printing and post-print photonic curing shown by Novacentrix
  • Functional printed batteries will be demonstrated by Blue Spark Technologies
  • Printed temperature sensors will be shown by PST Sensors
  • Hybrid electronics realisation will be explained by EM Microelectronics
  • Automated multi-component assembly will be shown by VTT
  • Inkjet printing with in line curing by Ceradrop, working with ArjoWiggins and Adphos
  • Presentations from experts covering the hands-on realities of printing electronics.
  • As the equipment is being set up, used and the process steps made, experts will talk you through everything that is happening, covering what you need to know about printing electronics - along with all the secrets! This is your ideal opportunity to ask experts your questions regarding the practical aspects of printing and sintering functional inks.
    For more information and to register please see
    About FUJIFILM Dimatix
    FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., the world's leading supplier of drop-on-demand inkjet printheads for industrial applications, is driving a revolution in production technology to support a new generation of products for printing, industrial product decoration and materials deposition. The company's innovative inkjet technology and world-class fabrication techniques enable OEMs, system integrators and manufacturers to build cutting-edge systems and manufacturing processes for high-performance, precision printing of traditional inks and deposition of functional fluids on all types of surfaces, including flexible substrates.
    A wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM Dimatix is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and maintains U.S. product development and manufacturing operations in California and New Hampshire. The company sells and supports its products worldwide through offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. For more information, visit
    About NovaCentrix
    NovaCentrix, based in Austin, Texas, is a leader in printed electronics manufacturing technologies. The Company's PulseForgeŽ photonic curing tools sinter functional inks in milliseconds on low-temperature, flexible substrates such as paper and plastic. NovaCentrix's tools process a wide array of metal-based conductive inks, as well as non-metallic and semiconductor inks. NovaCentrix also offers high-performance, economical MetalonŽ conductive inks which work optimally with PulseForge tools. To learn more, please visit
    About Blue Spark Technologies
    Blue Spark Technologies, Inc. is the leader in developing flexible, printed, "green," proprietary power source solutions for battery-powered printed electronic systems. The company was founded as Thin Battery Technologies in 2002 with patented technology and technical leadership from Energizer (Eveready Battery Company). Blue Spark customers include manufacturers, product designers, and integrators across multiple industries including: interactive packaging, RFID, pharmaceutical, powered smart cards, and novelty items. Users of products powered by Blue Spark batteries enjoy increased efficiency, greater convenience and portability, improved safety, lower manufacturing and assembly costs, higher profit margins, and greater environmental responsibility. For more information, visit or call +1 440 249 5400. Follow us on Twitter at
    About EM Microelectronic
    EM Microelectronic is a leading provider of true low power CMOS IC since 1975 and was founded to develop and manufacture IC for watches. We have our own fab in Switzerland. The market we serve since 22 years is automotive, computer peripherals, consumer, access, RFID and RF technology, sensor interface IC - whenever your battery needs the longest life time and you need to extract aF, µΩ and nH.
    New 2.4GHz transceivers family are available with high sensitivity/long range feature, Bluetooth low energy for portable applications and NFC parts with enhanced features like power harvesting, wire interface and large memory. For more information, visit
    About PST Sensor
    PST Sensors (pty) Ltd is a spin-out of the University of Cape Town NanoSciences Innovation Centre. It is positioned as a technology solutions provider, and works with its partners and customers to produce integrated temperature sensing and printed electronics products. Both its printed silicon technology and temperature sensing technology have received industry awards. PST Sensors has R&D facilities in Cape Town and offices in Cape Town and London. For more information, visit
    About VTT
    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a globally networked multitechnological contract research organisation. VTT has taken a wide R&D approach to RFID and wireless sensing, which is supported by extensive interdisciplinary know-how and in-house technology platforms. Our activities cover RFID and wireless systems from low frequency to mm-waves. VTT develops novel solutions to improve the performance level of RFID systems. Modern equipment and excellent facilities, like micro- and nanofabrication services and anechoic chambers, provide exceptional opportunities for the fabrication and characterization of components. VTT is collaborating with many of the key European players in the field of RFID. For more information, visit
    About California Polytechnic State University
    Cal Poly's Graphic Communication Department is a leader in print and graphics education in the US. With more than 60 years preparing talent for the field, Cal Poly State University continues to prepare students for industry as well as research new and innovative solutions for print-centric markets. Beginning in Fall 2013, Cal Poly will offer online graduate courses in Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging. Focusing on printed electronics, active packaging, and security printing, this program will provide working professionals an opportunity to participate in meaningful, instructor lead education preparing them for advanced fields in printing. These courses will focus on printing technologies, manufacturing models, product development, and scaling from "lab to fab".
    About CERADROP
    CERADROP designs and markets InkJet Printers exclusively for Printed Electronics Industry. Embedding all types of Printheads as well as the latest generation of curing modules, CeraPrinter Series models present new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products onto the Printed Electronics market in the fields such as: flexible solar cells (OPV), OLED Displays, Smart Cards, Antennas, Smart Systems, Passive Components...etc...
    Based on its bottom-up approach, CERADROP offers InkJet Printing Equipment, which adapts to electronic materials to be deposited as well as to complex components design to be printed thanks to its exclusive software CeraSlice.
    Achieving more than 40% of its turnover from exports and providing an exceptional process support to its customers, CERADROP makes easier and more efficient using of InkJet Printing technology for Printed Electronics worldwide. For more information, visit
    About Adphos North America, Inc
    Adphos North America, Inc. develops adphosNIRŽ (Near InfraRed) technologies for applications including Printed Electronics, Ultra-High Speed Inkjet and Accelerated Drying and Curing of Inks, Paints and Coatings. Benefits of adphosNIRŽ include:
  • Higher Productivity by sintering nano-inks in a fraction of the time without affecting the substrate.
  • Lower Investment Cost over other "low temperature curing" technologies.
  • Modular and Compact product designs.
  • Adphos North America's sales and service organization is headquartered in Brookfield, WI. Adphos is equipped to serve on an international level with offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
    Source: IDTechEx
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