AtMol international workshop: Imaging and Manipulating of Adsorbates using Dynamic Force Microscopy

(Nanowerk News) AtMol, ICT-FET Integrated Project, is pleased to announce the International Workshop on Imaging and Manipulating of Adsorbates using Dynamic Force Microscopy, to be held from the 16th to the 17th of April in Nottingham (UK).
Dynamic force microscopy (also known as non-contact atomic force microscopy) has evolved rapidly over the past decade to become an extremely powerful technique capable of not only ultrahigh resolution imaging and spectroscopy, but the precise positioning of individual adsorbed atoms and molecules.
This workshop, the fourth of AtMol series and co-organised with the University of Nottingham (Prof. Philip Moriarty), will focus on the latest advances in the manipulation of condensed matter using dynamic force microscopes, bringing together experimentalists and theorists from all over the world working on the precise control of adsorbates on a variety of substrates.
The confirmed Invited Speakers (14 as of March 26, 2013) are the following:
  • – Clemens Barth (CINAM, France)
  • – Sebastien Gauthier (CEMES/CNRS, France)
  • – Thilo Glatzel (University of Basel, Switzerland)
  • – Lev Kantorovich (Thomas Young Centre, UK)
  • – Angelika Kuhnle (Universität Mainz, Germany)
  • – Nikolaj Moll (IBM Research, Switzerland)
  • – Ruben Perez (UAM, Spain)
  • – Jascha Repp (Universitaet Regensburg, Germany)
  • – Bartosz Such (Instytut Fizyki UJ, Poland)
  • – Yoshiaki Sugimoto (Osaka University, Japan)
  • – Adam Sweetman (University of Notthingham, UK)
  • – Stefan Tautz (Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, Germany)
  • – Markus Ternes (Max Planck Institut, Germany)
  • – Matt Watkins (London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK)
  • AtMol
    This European project open the atomic scale era of molecular computing integrating state of the art atomic scale technologies, new quantum architectures with multi-scale interconnection and packaging techniques for a single molecule to compute and be packaged into a molecular chip. The AtMol Integrated Project and its related “dissemination & training” activities are going to provide both academic researchers and industry engineers access to the tools needed to be at the forefront of the atomic scale technology revolution, a revolution beyond nanotechnology.
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    Source: AtMol
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