Eleven EU research projects shortlisted for nanotechnology prize

(Nanowerk News) Eleven EU-funded nanotechnology projects have been shortlisted for the "Best Research Project Award" to be announced at the next EuroNanoForum (ENF2013), Europe's largest Nanotechnology and Materials Conference, in Dublin.
The aim of the award is to highlight the innovative outcomes of EU research projects and to present how nanotechnologies enable progress in every aspect of daily life: from health to environment, energy, transport, food and communication. The 11 candidates will be voted on and a winner announced at the ENF2013 on 20 June 2013.
The competition was open to all completed EU-funded projects in the field of Nanotechnologies. There were 50 entries to the competition. The shortlisted projects were selected by representatives of the ENF 2013 International Advisory Group evaluating:
  • Scientific and technological breakthroughs achieved by the project,
  • How the project is addressing societal challenges (e.g. environment, health, food safety, climate change),
  • Applicability of project results.
  • More information on the 11 shortlisted projects
    IP Nanoker – Structural ceramic nanocomposites for top-end functional applications
    Sonodrugs – Image-controlled ultrasound-induced drug delivery
    Must – Multi-level protection of materials for vehicles by smart nanocontainers
    Light-Rolls – High-throughput production platform for the manufacture of light emitting components
    Stonecore – Stone conservation for the refurbishment of buildings
    NanoInteract – Development of a platform and toolkit for understanding interactions between nanoparticles and the living world
    Flexonics – Ultra-high barrier films for r2r encapsulation of flexible electronics
    Nanother – Integration of novel nanoparticle based technology for therapeutics and diagnosis of different types of cancer
    Eumet – Olefin metathesis as a practical synthetic tool
    BioElectricSurface – electrically modified biomaterials surface
    Femtoprint – Femtosecond laser printer for glass microsystems with nanoscale features
    EuroNanoForum is Europe’s largest Nanotechnology and Materials Conference. It takes place every two years and receives funding from the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.
    ENF2013 (Dublin, 18-20 June 2013) will focus on the commercialisation of nanotechnologies, exploiting its potential for new applications and taking them further from enabling technologies to end products.
    Source: European Commission