NanoKTN Publishes 2013 Directory of UK Nanotechnology Health, Safety and Environment Centres of Excellence

(Nanowerk News) The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), one of the UK's primary knowledge-based networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies, announced the availability of its free 2013 version of the UK Nanotechnology Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Directory.
Now in its fourth year, the NanoKTN's UK HSE Directory has grown in content and value with the total number of entries now standing at 54, covering a wide range of organisations and individuals having expertise in topics ranging from toxicity testing through to regulation and standards.
Dr Barry Park, Theme Manager at the NanoKTN commented, "Each UK organisation or individual is contacted annually for updates and this year, as in previous years, we have added new organisations to reflect the growing expertise across the UK. Contact details are provided as part of each entry and the experts featured will be very pleased to work with anyone to answer questions or collaborate on nanotechnology based projects."
The directory aims to assist both researchers and industry to find the most appropriate advice for work undertaken in the field. The comprehensive range of organisations in the Directory includes UK Government (and agencies), research institutes and networks that have a declared public interest in this area. The range of services listed covers basic toxicology research, measurement and characterisation through to product testing and waste monitoring.
Source: NanoKTN
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