Superparamagnetic lead nanopowder - a new milestone

(Nanowerk News) Indian researchers (Theivasanthi and Alagar) have discovered the superparamagntism of lead nanopowder. The group, based at Centre for Research and Post Graduate Studies in Physics, Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College has crossed an another milestone in its research activities by exploring the new behavior of this metal nanopowder. It comments: “It is really amazing to us; to our best knowledge, this is the first demonstration of superparamagnetic nature of lead nanopowder (Pb); so far, lead metal has been known as a diamagnetic; this new exploration of new behavior has moved us one step forward and upward in our research”.
In their earlier reports, the researchers have explained the synthesis procedures of this metal powder ("Konjac Biomolecules Assisted–Rod/Spherical Shaped Lead Nano Powder Synthesized by Electrolytic Process and Its Characterization Studies") and explore its semi-conducting properties ("Lead Nanopowder as Advanced Semi-Conductor - An Insight"). In their current report, the superparamagnetic properties have been explained ("Innovation of Superparamagnetism in Lead Nanoparticles").
If both semiconducting and superparamagnetism behaviours available in same material, it will provide a single platform for computation and data storage. It will integrate computer memory with data processing lead to new kind of computation, in future. Findings of this study suggest that the synthesized material is an efficient superparamagnetic material. It can be utilized for various applications like magnetic, Storage Devices, Medical & Biomedical and other applications like Research tools in materials physics, geology, biology, medicine etc. Hysteresis Curve image of spherical Pb Nanoparticles is in Fig.1. This work throws some light on and helps further research on nano-sized lead powder.
Hysteresis Curve of Lead Nanoparticles
Fig.1. Hysteresis curve of lead nanoparticles.
Generally nano-materials have behaviors different from their bulk material. Size and shape control many of the physical properties including magnetic properties of nanomaterials. The present research has been done, based on this fact and superparamagnetic properties of Pb nanopowder have been explored. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) study of the material indicates sigmoid or S-like shape hysteresis, without any loop / squareness (SQR i.e. Mr/Ms of the sample is 0.03517). It does not exhibit coercivity (Hc) saturated magnetization (Ms) and remanent magnetization (Mr). The net magnetization in the absence of an external field is zero. These characters confirm superparamagnetic properties.
“Our data clearly indicates the superparamagnetic nature of Pb nanopowder,” the researchers comment, adding: “Further research related to application oriented of this material like magnetic and solar cells is going on.” Interested collaborators / researchers, please contact us, for collaborative works.
Source: By T.Theivasanthi, Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College
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