Europe launches the 1 billion euro Graphene Flagship this week

(Nanowerk News) After years of preparations it is time for Europe to launch The Graphene Flagship – a 10-year, 1,000 million euro research and innovation initiative on graphene and related layered materials.
graphene flagship
Graphene – a single layer of carbon atoms – may be the most amazing and versatile substance available to mankind. Being the world's strongest material, harder than diamond, yet lightweight and flexible, graphene enables electrons to flow much faster than silicon. It is also a transparent conductor, combining electrical and optical functionalities in an exceptional way. This unique combination of superior properties makes it a credible starting point for new disruptive technologies in a wide range of fields.
Now, on October 10-11, graphene researchers from all over Europe – from 74 research partners in 17 countries – will gather in Gothenburg, Sweden, for kick-off. Their mission is to take the supermaterial graphene and related ultra-thin layered materials from academic laboratories to society, revolutionize multiple industries and create economic growth and new jobs in Europe.
Being a FET (Future & Emerging Technologies) Flagship by the European Commission, The Graphene Flagship is one of Europe's two most ambitious science projects ever.
Source: Chalmers University of Technology