Free UK Nanotechnology Directory 2013 now available from nanoKTN

(Nanowerk News) The NanoKTN has published the latest version of its UK Nanotechnology Directory. Now in its fourth edition, the guidebook features over 450 organisations active in micro and nanotechnologies and the associated supply chains in the UK, and is available for free to anyone working within the MNT industry.
The NanoKTN’s UK Nanotechnology Directory provides users with information about UK research and development facilities and services, as well as offering the potential to identify possible collaborative partners with specific expertise and technology. The Directory is also used to promote the expertise of UK businesses to a national and international audience to ensure competitors and potential partners are aware of the UK’s expertise and strengths.
Dr Alec Reader, Director of the NanoKTN, comments, “Our job is to promote UK nanotechnology businesses to a national and international audience, to ensure competitors, potential partners, and investors are aware of the UK’s world class expertise and strength. The UK has a wealth of academic knowledge and industrial expertise and by bringing together these leading professionals in the micro and nanotechnology market to collaborate on projects, we will see a large amount of investment for the UK that will provide impact on a global scale. The UK Nanotechnology Directory is one such resource which enables these partnerships to happen.”
The Directory follows the NanoKTN’s core activities, with sections on the following themes: Healthcare and Life Sciences, ICT-Hardware, Engineering Applications, Chemical and Consumer Products, and Metrology, Instrumentation and Standards. In addition, there is a section on Health, Safety & Environment, and a general section which features organizations in the finance sector, consultants, and trade associations.
Individuals and organisations that work in the UK MNT sector can request a free copy of the UK Nanotechnology Directory by emailing [email protected]
Source: NanoKTN
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