Nanotechnology in a nutshell: From simple to complex systems

(Nanowerk News) This book shows where nanotechnology is now—a fascinating time when the science is transitioning into complex systems with impact on new products.
Present and future developments are addressed, as well as a larger number of new industrial and research opportunities deriving from this domain.
The authors provide an overview for professionals, researchers and policy-makers of this very rapidly expanding field-including many applications such as information and communication technologies, environmental sciences and engineering, societal life and medicine, with provision of customized treatments.
Brief chapters and colour figures with a contained overall length make the book attractive—a must for every professional’s shelf.
Table of contents: Exploring and Working in the Nano world.- Seeing and Moving Atoms.- Making Nano-Objects.- Quantum and Mesoscopic Physics.- Nanomaterials: Doing More with Less.- New Forms of Carbon and New Opportunities.- Nanoengineering for Material Technology.- From Microelectronics to Nano electronics.- Major Trends in Nano electronics.- Emerging Quantum Devices.- Molecular Electronics.- Diagnostics.- Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine.- Nanotechnologies in Agriculture and Food.- Sensors for Measuring and Monitoring.- Nanotechnology Applications for Air, Water and Soil.- Water Demands for Nanotechnology.- Products for the Home of the Future.- Nanomaterials and Cosmetics.- Nanotechnology for the Textile Industry.- Nano technology and the Energy Challenge.- Housing.- Road Transport.- Nanomaterials in Industrial Application.- Nano catalysts: Fascinating Opportunities.- Nanotechnology for Defence and Security.- Risks and Toxicity of Nanoparticles.- Protection of Society and Economical Aspects.- Social Impact of Nanoscience and Nano technology.- Outlook.
Source: Springer