Luminescence: The instrumental key to the future of nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) This is the first book about the instrumentation and experimental methodology of photo- and electroluminescent properties of nanomaterials to systematically document the historical and current status in the field. More importantly a major goal of the book is to synthesize the past trends and current events to provide a view of the necessary future directions for research in this area.
The invited chapters are authored by a hand-picked selection of world leaders in the field, including leading young researchers, representing those responsible for seminal contributions in the areas of single-walled carbon nanotubes, nanocrystal and organic electroluminescent materials. The book encompasses the nanoscale semiconductor field by amalgamating a broad multidisciplinary arena including applications for energy conservation, materials performance enhancement, electronic circuitry, video displays, lighting, photovoltaics, quantum computing, memory, chemo- and biosensors, pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics inter alia.
The first book section will present a comprehensive introductory overview of the photophysics, instrumentation and experimental methodology of nanomaterial luminescence. In the second and third sections of the book invited experts highlight more specific advanced research areas that have either shown potential for, or have already realized, significant impact on the day-to-day aspects of modern life and the world economy.
Key Features
A comprehensive overview of the principles and applications of modern photoluminescence instrumentation and experimental methodology including spectrometers, microscopes, custom-devices and both steady-state and time-resolved techniques and data analysis.
Includes contributions from leading researchers responsible for the discoveries and developments of nanomaterial luminescence instrumentation and experimentation.
Well-illustrated and linked via the website to highly informative animated figures and presentations that will be perpetually maintained and updated by the invited experts in the field.
Designed to serve as a historical and contemporary reference while also serving as a roadmap for future scientific developments in the field.
About the Editor
Adam Gilmore coordinates with an international team in HORIBA to stimulate the development and application of photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy as one of the main tools for academic research and industrial applications of nanotechnology. Dr Gilmore has over 20 years' experience in the field of fluorescence technology along with a wide array of international collaborations in both the academic and industrial nanotechnology arena.
Source: Pan Sanford Publishing
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