Announcing 'Nanomaterials for Industry' conference

(Nanowerk News) The conference program of Nanomaterials for Industry, April 7-9, 2014, San Diego, is now posted online.
The conference is designed for business executives, engineers, and scientists to gain essential and wide-ranging knowledge about the science, technology, and applications of nanomaterials.
The three-day Congress includes:
  • Special Workshop: Graphene/Carbon nanotubes: properties, manufacturing techniques, and applications.
  • A series of comprehensive lectures by international leaders from industry, academia, and national laboratories. The presentations will review the state-of-the art in the rapidly expanding science and technology of nanomaterials.
  • Conference topics
    Session 1. Nanomaterials for energy applications.
    Session 2. Manufacturing and characterization of Nanomaterials.
    Session 3. Nanomaterials for defense, aerospace, and consumer products.
    Session 4. Open innovation in Nanomaterials.
    Session 5. Environmental and health aspects of Nanomaterials.
    Source: Executive Conference Management
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