First NANoREG newsletter available as free download

(Nanowerk News) NANoREG is the first FP7 project to deliver the answers needed by regulators and legislators on EHS by linking them to a scientific evaluation of data and test methods.
Based on questions and requirements supplied by regulators and legislators, NANoREG will:
1) Provide answers and solutions from existing data, complemented with new knowledge;
2) Provide a tool box of relevant instruments for risk assessment, characterisation, toxicity testing and exposure measurements of manufactured nanomaterials;
3) Develop, for the long term, new testing strategies adapted to innovation requirements;
4) Establish a close collaboration among authorities, industry and science leading to efficient and practically applicable risk management approaches for Manufactured Nano Materials and products containing Manufactured Nano Materials.
NANoREG newsletter
The publication of the project's first newsletter (pdf) coincides with the transition of the project from the initial and preparatory phase to the R&D phase.
Source: NANoREG
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