Workshop invite: Innovation and regulatory testing of nanomaterials - first results of NANoREG

(Nanowerk News) NANoREG is the first FP7 project to deliver the answers needed by regulators and legislators on EHS by linking them to a scientific evaluation of data and test methods.
Innovation and regulatory testing of nanomaterials
NANoREG will identify EHS aspects that are most relevant from a regulatory point of view. It will provide tools for testing the EHS aspects and the assessment and management of the risks to the regulators and other stakeholders.
To assure that the final results of the project can be implemented in an effi cient and effective way, Industry and Regulators are strongly involved in the project.
We kindly invite you to attend the NANoREG workshop and to give your opinion on the regulatory testing of nanomaterials, as a valuable contribution to future economic success of nanotechnology!
The worksop will take place on Friday, April 11, 2014 from 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Athens, Greece, as part of the Industrial Technologies 2014 event.
Programme NANoREG Workshop
  • The NANoREG approach: Answers from Science to the questions/needs of Industry and the Regulation Authorities (Tom van Teunenbroek)
  • First entry points, the regulatory questions and needs, an overview, matching of needs (Hugues Crutzen)
  • NANoREG results: Materials, SOPs and the advancement of Regulatory Risk Assessment and Testing (Steffi Friedrichs)
  • Overview of the NANoREG projects (Mats-Olof Mattsson)
  • The window for industry participation, keeping pace with innovation (Jürgen Höck)
  • Modes of collaboration for industry (Volker Bachmann)
  • Outlook (Karl Höhener)
  • Key messages of NANoREG
  • Reducing uncertainty regarding Environmental, Health and Safety aspect is essential to capitalize innovative and economic potential of Nanomaterials.
  • Questions and needs of Industry and regulatory community must be leading.
  • Reduce costs for industry by enabling and promoting Safe by Design.
  • Source: NANoREG
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