Pilot your own, 4-meter tall robot

(Nanowerk News) Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata has designed a 4-meter-tall robot that can be piloted or controlled remotely to perform the motions and tasks of its owner’s choosing.
Sold online by Suidobashi Heavy Industry, Kuratas weighs about 4500 kg, measures 4 meters high by 3 meters wide and includes a pilot’s cockpit with gaming-style controls. Powered by the AE “V-Sido” control system, the device can also be controlled and interacted with via Kinect and mobile 3G internet access.
Buyers can customize Kuratas to their heart’s content – “holding a squirt gun as a fire fighter, painting a body camouflage as a ranger in jungle, giving a mop and a cleaner as a home cleaning robot,” the company explains.
Pricing begins at USD 1,353,500, with additional charges for “weapons”, cockpit amenities, and parts including a carbon shield or radio unit.
Here is how you ride the Kuratas:
Source: Kuratas
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