Robotic glove detects breast cancer lumps

(Nanowerk News) Two engineers and a Harvard Medical School student have teamed up and formed a company (MedSensation) to enhance the human capabilities of touch with a robotic sensor glove. The glove will take the potential of a diagnosis-altering physical exam, and put it into the hands of patients.
Three products are under development:
Glove Tricorder
This glove will eventually allow patients to diagnosis their own illnesses. The glove interface allows for data from the physical exam to be a component of automated diagnosis, which at times can mean the difference between a patient living and dying. Our Glove Tricorder includes many sensors (accelerometers, temperature, force, sound, and vibration) and a data protocol that allows the data to be transferred wirelessly. Soon everyone will have a glove that can be used to assess a sports injury or can be used to do self-clinical breast exams. In the future we will be able to augment a human's ability to diagnosis illness, by adding sensors such as ultrasound probes that will be able to integrate the data and provide real-time assessment of heart valve abnormalities, abdominal pain, and much more without having to go to medical facility.
Medical Education Glove
Allows medical students and medical doctors to improve physical examination skills by quantifying touch.
Robotic Breast Exam
Automation of the breast exam will allow for detection of breast cancer without physicians. The improvement of robotic technology will allow for a painless and complete breast exam that will eventually be good enough to catch breast cancer that some X-Rays miss. This will save millions of lives world-wide.
Source: Med Sensation