Bio-robotic fish debuts in the Arctic Ocean

(Nanowerk News) The fifth China Arctic research expedition trip has witnessed the first field test of robotic fish in Polar Regions ever in the history of China.
bio-robotic fish
The bio-robotic fish was jointly developed by Intelligent Control Laboratory at the College of Engineering, Peking University (PKU) and Taiyuan University of Technology. It swam in the Arctic Ocean for only more than 20 minutes, but the data and experience gained will prove valuable for further improvement of the bio-robotic fish and its production and application.
As part of the mission, Doctor Dou Yinke from aiyuan University of Technology took the bio-robotic fish to the Arctic Region with the 120-member expedition team, who carried out scientific exploration for 3 months from July to September, 2012.
Professor Wang Long founded Intelligent Control Laboratory in Center for System and Control, PKU in 2003 and initiated researches of robotics, which enjoyed a rapid development due to the hard work of him and his team. With many high-quality papers published in international journals, a number of patents and a research fund of over 10 million RMB, the team has grown into a robot research group with much global influence, fully acknowledged by State leaders during several visits to the lab.
Source: By Gao Hongfei, Peking University