3-D printed transform robot goes from car to humanoid (w/video)

(Nanowerk News) Japan-based Brave Robotics has designed a 1/12-scale RC car that can transform into a humanoid robot, inspired by Transformers. It can shuffle around, grab footage with its Wi-Fi camera, and even fire little missiles from its arms.
transormer robot
The latest version, the 7.2, is entirely 3D-printed by a Brave Robotics printer, is able to walk on it's own and, when folded into a car, includes two seats and has steering wheels. Obviously, it can be wirelessly controlled.
But the intriguing part about the Transform Robot is its scope. Not only has Brave Robotics hobbyist Kenji Ishida put 10 years into building robots in disguise -- he began in 2002 with a simple pair of legs and the Transform Robot is version 7.1 -- he wants to build a full-scale transforming, drivable car with artificial intelligence by 2030.
Watch a video of the robot:
Source: Brave Robotics