Kubi - the first practical robotic platform for tablet telepresence

(Nanowerk News) Revolve Robotics, an emerging leader in mobile-controlled personal robotics, today introduced Kubi, an easy-to-use robotic platform designed to vastly improve the use of Facetime, Skype, and other video calling or telepresence applications on tablet computers such as the iPad. Kubi allows remote users to “look around” the remote location during video calls by telling the robotic platform where to aim the tablet using intuitive remote controls over the Web. Kubi’s pan and tilt functionality enhances awareness of the user’s remote surroundings, increasing interaction, improving collaboration and removing the burden of others from having to physically aim the tablet to adjust the remote user’s view. More information on the Kubi, how it works and how to get one can be found here http://revolverobotics.com/meet-kubi/
Kubi allows the remote user to “look around” during their video call by commanding Kubi where to aim the tablet using intuitive remote controls over the web.
“The use of video calling for personal and business applications is exploding, but the experience is currently limited to sitting in front of a fixed camera or laptop or awkwardly trying to maneuver a handheld tablet,” said Marcus Rosenthal, co-founder and CEO, Revolve Robotics. “With Kubi, we are introducing a solution that puts the ‘presence’ in telepresence; humanizing the video calling experience by giving remote users the agency to establish situational awareness. We’re making Kubi an affordable accessory to those with tablet computers.”
There are many applications for Kubi, spanning interactions in remote settings with family, friends, and colleagues. It is compact, portable and durable for convenient travel, yet functional enough for permanent installation in domestic and business settings.
Practical applications of Kubi include:
  • Interaction with loved ones while at work or during travel
  • Remote interaction with children and even pets
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) video conferencing with coworkers Checking in on your home while away
  • Virtual docents in museum and gallery settings
  • Interaction with product experts in retail settings
  • “We created Kubi with a consumer friendly design, making it a robot that is suitable for nearly any application setting from the living room to the board room, from day care to the retail store” said Ilya Polyakov, co-founder and CTO, Revolve Robotics. “What’s more, we’re opening up the Kubi platform to other developers, so they can integrate its functionality with their own ingenuity.”
    Revolve Robotics will be demonstrating the Kubi as a Silver Sponsor at the gdgt live event – http://events.gdgt.com/, taking place at City View at the Metreon in San Francisco on Thursday, December 6 from 6 pm to 10 pm.
    Pricing and Availability
    Revolve Robotics is currently taking orders for Kubi with shipment slated for Spring 2013. Kubi is currently priced at $249, but Revolve Robotics is offering early bird pricing of $199 via its Kickstarter project, which can be found here – http://revolverobotics.com/supportkubi/
    Source: Revolve Robotic