Space Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Program soliciting applications

(Nanowerk News) The application period for the National Space Biomedical Research Institute's (NSBRI) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is now open. The two-year fellowships are available in any U.S. laboratory carrying out space-related biomedical or biotechnological research.
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Applicants are required to submit proposals with the support of a mentor and an institution, and all proposals will be evaluated by a peer review panel. Selected applicants receive a stipend, allowance for health insurance and travel funds for related scientific meetings. Also, an optional, competitive third year of fellowship support is available.

This year's applicants can also request to be considered to spend part of the fellowship in Russia, via the NSBRI-Institute of Biomedical Problems International Postdoctoral Exchange Program.

Detailed program and application submission information is available at The application deadline is June 7, 2013. Questions may be directed to Dr. Amanda Smith Hackler at [email protected], or by phone at 713-798-3013.

NSBRI, funded by NASA, is a consortium of institutions studying the health risks related to long-duration spaceflight and developing the medical technologies needed for long missions. The Institute's science, technology and education projects take place at more than 30 institutions across the United States.
Source: University of Chicago
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