The DNA ARK project wants to send your DNA to extraterrestrial civilizations

(Nanowerk News) DNA Ark is a space vehicle made of a titanium alloy. After filling it with the DNA samples, it will be launched into near-earth orbit, and then it will start its way beyond the outer Solar System with the help of engine and gravity maneuvers. Time of DNA samples preservation is almost infinite due to dehydration and special preservative coating composition.
The vehicle will be equipped with a research equipment, which data will be continuously transmitted to the Earth, which may help to solve some of the mysteries of the universe. In addition, the hull of the DNA ARK will be covered with the graphic messages, which can be seen on the main web page of the project:
On its way through the universe, the vehicle will continuously transmit, in addition to data from research equipment, a short radio signal to increase its visibility.
More information can be found on website:
Source: DNA Ark