Exciting industrial opportunities of Holey Super Graphene

(Nanowerk Spotlight – Sponsored Article) Holey Graphene, defined as a material formed by creating in-plane holes in the basal planes of graphene-based materials, refers to an advanced form of graphene with a unique perforated structure.
Nanografi’s high-tech laboratory has successfully developed a product known as "Holey Super Graphene". This material enhances the already impressive properties of graphene, making it a significant breakthrough in materials science.
The combination of holes and graphene offers exceptional properties such as high electrical conductivity and a large surface area. These properties enable holey graphene-based materials to surpass the performance of pristine graphene.
Structure of Holey Graphene
Structure of Holey Super Graphene. (Image: Nanografi)


1. Ultra-High Conductivity
Reaching up to 16,500 µS/cm, which significantly boosts the efficiency of electronic devices through faster data transmission.
2. High Surface Area
It enhances the performance of supercapacitors, catalysts, and gas storage systems. The material's superior electrochemical properties are crucial for rapid charging and discharging in energy storage devices and for improving the sensitivity of electrochemical sensors.
3. Diffusion Speed
The perforated structure of Holey Super Graphene accelerates the material’s diffusion rate.
4. High Mechanical Durability
Depending on the size, shape and density of the holes in this excellent material, it provides high durability at the atomic scale.
5. Adjustable Band Gap
The adjustability of the band gap provides enhanced conductivity features.


Holey Super Graphene has a variety of advantages and application areas due to superior performance compared to conventional graphene with their unique properties. They can be used in a range of applications like energy storage (including supercapacitors and various types of batteries), energy conversion (such as electro-water splitting and solar cells), water desalination, bioseparation, fuel cells, gas sensors, hydrogen storage, and more. The expanding global impact and application of these materials signify a potential revolution in fields ranging from renewable energy to environmental management, promising significant advancements in technology and sustainability.
Holey Super Graphene Application Areas
Holey Super Graphene Application Areas. (Image: Nanografi)

Future Prospects and Global Impact

Holey Super Graphene is gaining attention for its potential in shaping future advancements, thanks to its notable features and versatility. Its applications could extend much further than its current uses:
Future Technologies: Holey Super Graphene stands out for its distinct characteristics and might play a key role in the development of new technologies. Its flexibility and strong performance point to its promise for innovative applications.
Scientific Advancements: There is growing interest among researchers about the role Holey Super Graphene could play in scientific exploration. Its unique perforated structure could offer fresh perspectives in fields like nanotechnology and materials science, possibly leading to significant discoveries that reshape our understanding.
International Impact: The success of Nanografi in producing and applying Holey Super Graphene suggests potential for international impact. This could lead to collaborations across different industries and sectors, fostering innovation and partnerships on a broader scale.

More Than Graphene

Holey Super Graphene developed & produced by Nanografi represents a revolutionary leap in materials science, set to completely revolutionize sectors ranging from renewable energy to electronics. With its exceptional conductivity and unique structure, this material opens new horizons for technological advances and sustainable solutions. Its diverse applications point to a future rich with innovation, where its impact goes beyond current uses and potentially leads to groundbreaking scientific and environmental advances. Nanografi's success at Holey Super Graphene is not only a milestone in science, but also a catalyst for global technological progress, paving the way for a new era of collaboration and discovery in a variety of fields.
Nanografi currently has Holey Super Graphene available in both sample sizes and bulk. Contact us for additional information.
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