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The most popular Nanowerk Spotlight articles in 2011

1Nanotechnology-enhanced curcumin: Symbiosis of ancient wisdom with modern medical science 
(Accessed 36,342 times)
2Brain-inspired computing with nanoelectronic programmable synapses 
(Accessed 31,580 times)
3A fast nanotechnology platform to detect/capture bacteria in clinical samples 
(Accessed 23,800 times)
4Squishy electronics 
(Accessed 23,484 times)
5Using a simple pen, you can literally write electronics on paper 
(Accessed 23,340 times)
6The ideal microfluidic point-of-care device 
(Accessed 23,256 times)
7A single layer of graphene is the thinnest possible invisibility cloak 
(Accessed 21,676 times)
8First self-powered nanosystem with wireless data transmission 
(Accessed 20,913 times)
9Bacteria as live cargo shuttles for nanofabrication 
(Accessed 17,153 times)
10Towards an artificial retina for color vision 
(Accessed 16,982 times)
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