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Ultrashort laser pulses make greenhouse gas reactive

It is a long-cherished dream: Removing the inert greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and using it as a basic material for the chemical industry. This could address two major problems at once by containing climate change and at the same time reducing the dependence on oil.

Mar 15th, 2018

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Painting a clear picture of how nitrogen oxides are formed

For decades, combustion researchers and engine companies have been seeking to understand how these gases are produced during combustion so that they can find ways to reduce them. Now researchers have synthesized more than a decade's worth of combustion studies to create a new overarching model of how nitrogen oxides are produced.

Mar 12th, 2018

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Perspective on fuel cells

In a new Perspective article, researchers are aiming to tackle a fundamental debate in key reactions behind fuel cells and hydrogen production, which, if solved, could significantly bolster clean energy technologies.

Feb 14th, 2018

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