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All roads to sustainable energy lead to the sun

Energy is the most important resource for humanity and solar energy is the ultimate energy source. The sun as a solar energy source has a number of advantages: it is abundant, it is essentially inexhaustible, and it doesn't discriminate but provides equal access to all users.

Posted: May 26th, 2017

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Photovoltaics and batteries: an expensive combination

Solar power can cover up to 40% of the electricity needs of a typical Belgian household. Going beyond that level becomes really expensive: using batteries coupled with solar panels would be twice as expensive as using the power grid.

Posted: May 15th, 2017

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Bio-inspired catalysts that work in water open door to greener chemical processes

Researchers have developed catalysts that, like enzymes present in living cells, are able to function efficiently in water. This discovery shows that it may be possible to substantially reduce the use of toxic and non-recyclable organic solvents in a host of chemical reactions, particularly when synthesizing pharmaceutical ingredients.

Posted: May 4th, 2017

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