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Applied Nanotech to Exhibit in USA, Europe and Israel

Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. announced that it will showcase some of its key nanotechnology advancements in metallic inks and pastes, carbon nanotube enhanced epoxy composites, thermal management materials (CarbAl) and sensors at prestigious exhibitions and international events in USA, Europe and Israel.

Posted: Oct 11th, 2010

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New Electron Tomography Software Using Multi-GPUs By Digisens

More than only cross-correlation to align a raw tilt-series without fiducials, 3D reconstruction with iterative algorithms (SART, SIRT, OS-SART) using multi-GPUs, intuitive 3D/2D visualisation: DigiECT positions itself as a revolutionary alternative compared to existing commercial and free software.

Posted: Oct 8th, 2010

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Arkema Acquires Start-up PIEZOTECH and Speeds up its Development in the Fluorinated Materials of the Future

Arkema has announced the acquisition of French company PIEZOTECH which designs and manufactures electroactive fluorinated polymers, thereby enhancing its portfolio with a new range of ultra high performance materials. These specialty polymers will soon have high added value applications in many sectors, including robotics, aerospace, textile, automotive and electronics.

Posted: Oct 7th, 2010

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