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Could a nasal spray repair brain cells?

An inexpensive, accessible and non-invasive therapy for diseases and injuries of the brain may be slowly emerging: tiny particles called extracellular vesicles (EVs). Unlike stem cell therapies for repairing brain damage, EVs may safely regenerate brain cells and reduce inflammation.

Oct 26th, 2020

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Building materials from spinning particles

Active particle suspensions are a class of materials with tunable properties. This new research provides insight into fundamental aspects of the dynamics of such systems that act collectively.

Oct 24th, 2020

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Future VR could employ new ultrahigh-res nanophotonic display

By expanding on existing designs for electrodes of ultra-thin solar panels, researchers have developed a new architecture for OLED - organic light-emitting diode - displays that could enable televisions, smartphones and virtual or augmented reality devices with resolutions of up to 10,000 pixels per inch (PPI).

Oct 22nd, 2020

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