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Nanotechnology included in Australia-Korea grants program

The New South Wales-Gangwon Technology Collaboration Ageeement creates a technology cooperation framework of which the key element is a collaborative grant program to support joint proof of concept projects of one year or less between researchers and/or companies from both New South Wales and Gangwon.

Posted: Aug 7th, 2008

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World's thinnest balloon made of graphene

Researchers in New York are reporting development of the world's thinnest balloon, made of a single layer of graphite just one atom thick. This so-called graphene sealed microchamber is impermeable to even the tiniest airborne molecules, including helium.

Posted: Aug 6th, 2008

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New class of electronics technology can conform to almost any shape

Instead of using a flat microchip as the light sensor for their new camera, a team of engineers has developed a sensor that is a flexible mesh of wire-connected pixels. The mesh is made from many of the same materials as a standard digital-camera sensor, but has the unique ability to conform to convoluted, irregular surfaces.

Posted: Aug 6th, 2008

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