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Researchers put safety of 'magic anti-cancer bullet' to test

Researchers have carried out the first systematic study analyzing the safety of so-called upconversion nanoparticles that may be used to treat skin cancer and other skin diseases. This study is one of the most important steps on the path to new, safe and effective methods to diagnose and treat cancer.

Posted: Apr 7th, 2015

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Sea sponge anchors are natural models of strength

Life may seem precarious for the sea sponge known as Venus' flower basket. Tiny, hair-like appendages made essentially of glass are all that hold the creatures to their seafloor homes. But fear not for these creatures of the deep. Those tiny lifelines, called basalia spicules, are fine-tuned for strength.

Posted: Apr 6th, 2015

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Engineers invent two-dimensional liquid

Where water and oil meet, a two-dimensional world exists. This interface presents a potentially useful set of properties for chemists and engineers, but getting anything more complex than a soap molecule to stay there and behave predictably remains a challenge. Now, researchers have hown how to do just that. Their 'soft' nanoparticles stick to the plane where oil and water meet, but do not stick to one another.

Posted: Apr 6th, 2015

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Nano-GaN Power Electronic Devices project to convert energy more efficiently

Tyndall National Institute has partnered with US and Northern Irish research institutes to secure 1 million euros in funding to develop new ways of harnessing converted electricity. The Nano-GaN Power Electronic Devices project has the potential to have a global impact across the entire power electronics industry.

Posted: Apr 3rd, 2015

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