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A quantum computer based on five atoms

Researchers have designed and built a quantum computer from five atoms in an ion trap. The computer uses laser pulses to carry out Shor's algorithm on each atom, to correctly factor the number 15.

Mar 4th, 2016

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New way to control chemical reactions

Scientists have harnessed static electricity to control chemical reactions for the first time, in a breakthrough that could bring cleaner industry and cheaper nanotechnology.

Mar 3rd, 2016

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MesoGlue: A game-changing substance for nanotechnology (w/video)

This metallic adhesive is game-changing in several ways. It would improve heat transfer for devices, like computers and tablets, allowing more efficient CPU cooling. MesoGlue would also replace the soldering process and make it easier to piece together tiny parts at room temperature. For computers, MesoGlue would replace thermal grease that would increase power and lifetime of computer chips.

Mar 3rd, 2016

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Researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2-D materials

Stacking layers of nanometer-thin semiconducting materials at different angles is a new approach to designing the next generation of energy-efficient transistors and solar cells. Researchers used the vibrations between two layers to decipher their stacking patterns. Their study provides a platform for engineering two-dimensional materials with optical and electronic properties that strongly depend on stacking configurations.

Mar 2nd, 2016

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