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Nanoscale 'spaghetti' could become tools of regenerative medicine

Medicine's recipe for keeping older people active and functioning in their homes and workplaces - and healing younger people injured in catastrophic accidents - may include "noodle gels" and other lab-made invisible filaments that resemble uncooked spaghetti with nanoscale dimensions.

Posted: Mar 26th, 2012

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New nano-measurements add spark to centuries-old theory of friction

The phenomenon of friction, when studied on a nanoscale, is more complex than previously thought. When friction occurs, an object does not simply slide its surface over that of another, it also makes a slight up-and-down movement. This finding completes a centuries-old theory of friction dating to 1699 and uncovers a gap in contemporary thinking on friction.

Posted: Mar 26th, 2012

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Single molecules in a quantum movie

The quantum physics of massive particles has intrigued physicists for more than 80 years, since it predicts that even complex particles can exhibit wave-like behaviour - in conflict with our everyday ideas of what is real or local. An international team of scientists now succeeded in shooting a movie which shows the build-up of a matter-wave interference pattern from single dye molecules which is so large (up to 0.1 mm) that you can easily see it with a camera.

Posted: Mar 25th, 2012

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Forces among molecules: Tiny but important

The scholarship holder of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation wants to get to the bottom of the computational problem of how to calculate intermolecular forces with high accuracy.

Posted: Mar 24th, 2012

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