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Scientists solve solar secret

The further we move away from a heat source, the cooler the air gets. Bizarrely, the same can't be said for the Sun, but scientists may have just explained a key part of why.

Mar 24th, 2022

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Astronomers map the movement of white dwarfs of the Milky Way

White dwarfs were once normal stars similar to the Sun but then collapsed after exhausting all their fuel. These interstellar remnants have historically been difficult to study. However, a recent study reveals new information about the movement patterns of these puzzling stars.

Mar 23rd, 2022

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Moon's orbit proposed as a gravitational wave detector

Scientists propose using the variations in distance between the Earth and the Moon, which can be measured with a precision of less than a centimeter, as a new gravitational wave detector within a frequency range that current devices cannot detect.

Mar 17th, 2022

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