nanoRISK Newsletter

Why a newsletter about nanotechnology risks? Are we scaremongers? No; and we are not covering killer nanobots and grey goo either. Much of nanotechnology today is about producing nanoscale particles that, due to their size, have significantly more catalytic active surfaces.
We want to support a debate on the very real issues that we are facing today: the fact that engineered nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes or titanium dioxide particles are finding their way from scientistsí laboratories into commercial products and we donít understand the risks they pose to health and environment.
Be informed about the risks of engineered nanomaterials. We separate fact from fiction and give you the knowledge you need to know and the information you can trust.
nanoRISK is a bi-monthly newsletter published by Nanowerk. You have to read it if you want to be informed about what research is being done, what results are reported, what regulatory bodies are up to, what experts have to say with regard to the risk of engineered nanomaterials.
Our nanoRISK newsletter was published six times a year between 2006 and 2012. Below you can find downloadable PDFs for each year's issues.