nanoRISK Newsletter

2010 Issues

2010/1 (February/March)
  • Redefining the Risk Research Priorities for Nanomaterials
  • Communicating Nanotechnologies
  • Supermarkets Should Lead Debate on Nanotechnologies in Food
  • A Global Database on Government Documents on Nanotechnology
  • NIOSH Updates its Nanotech Web Resources
  • Report From the 5th NanoRegulation Conference
  • New Report Provides In-Depth Examination of Nanomaterials Safety
  • Nanomaterials Under REACH
  • Upcoming Events
  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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    2010/2 (April/May)
  • Questionable Safety Practices in Nanotech Labs Around the World
  • What We Know About Engineered Nanoparticles’ Health and Environmental Safety
  • Mammalian and Plant Cells Respond Differently to Fullerenes
  • Environmental Clean-up
  • Australia Launches National Framework for Safe Development of Bio- and Nanotechnologies
  • Researchers Investigate Nanoparticle Barrier Capacity of Human Placenta
  • Carbon Nanostructures – Elixir or Poison?
  • Upcoming Events
  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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    2010/3 (June/July)
  • Surface Modification of Nanosilver Particles and Their Interactions with Living Cells
  • Avoiding Excessive Use of Toxic Materials in Nanomedicine
  • Independent Nanomaterial Characterization Essential for Meaningful Nanomaterial EHS Research
  • Removing Carbon Nanotubes From Body Fluids With Microbubble Scavengers
  • Investigating Mammal Cells’ Nanoparticle Uptake
  • Upcoming Events
  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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    2010/4 (August/September)
  • Stakeholder Preferences in Regulating Nanotechnology
  • Nanomaterials in the Construction Industry And Resulting Health And Safety Issues
  • New EU-Project to Develop Sustainable Nano-Solutions
  • German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Advises Against Nanoscale Silver Ions in Consumer Products
  • OECD Publishes Guidance Notes for the Safety Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials
  • EU-Chinese Collaboration on Consumer Protection
  • Upcoming Events
  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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    2010/5 (October/November)
  • The Impact of Carbon Nanotubes on Male Reproductive Health
  • Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles Increases During Storage
  • Safe Work Australia Publishes New Reports on Nanomaterials Standards And Safety Issues
  • Carnegie-Mellon To Create New Program on Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology
  • Environmental Impact of Organic Solar Cells
  • NAUTILE: First Research Lab to Study Ecotoxicity of CNTs in Aquatic Environments
  • NanoCode Project Publishes Synthesis Report
  • CHN and NIOSH Cooperation on Nano Safety
  • Upcoming Events
  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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    2010/6 (December 2010/January 2011)
  • Nanotoxicology Myth Buster
  • Predicting the Toxicological Effects of Nanomaterials With Novel Modeling Approach
  • Researchers Identify Silver Nanoparticles in Sewage Sludge of Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • How to Gauge Safety of Nanomaterial-Based Pesticides
  • Molecular Interactions Hold Key to How Nanoparticles Behave in Cells
  • NIEHS And NCL/NCI Partner to Study Nanomaterial Safety
  • Limited Response to Australian Nanomaterial Information Call
  • Upcoming Events
  • Papers, Initiatives & Updates
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