Novel, cost-effective method for processing highly pure ceramic nanoparticles

(Nanowerk News) Researchers from Dezful Branch of Islamic Azad University succeeded in the production of ceramic nanocrystals by using a simple and cheap method ("Low Temperature Synthesis of Carbonate-Free Barium Titanate Nanoscale Crystals: Toward a Generalized Strategy of Titanate-Based Perovskite Nanocrystals Synthesis").
This process takes place at low temperature (ambient temperature to 50° C), and it produces very pure crystals free from carbonate phases without producing any byproducts.
Nanocrystals play a key role in the production of nanostructured electronic products. Since the demand for high-quality electronic ceramics is increasing, it is very important to consider economic cost in research and development units in the mass production of nanocrystals.
In this research, a single and consistent method was proposed for the production of ceramic nanocrystals based on titanate with perovskite structure and free from carbonate contaminations. Generality is the most important advantage of this research. In other words, this method enables the production of any type of ceramic particle with pervoskite structure. Barium titanate, strontium titanate and barium-strontium titanate are among compounds that have been processed through this method.
According to the researchers, this method does not require specific equipment in comparison with traditional methods and it enables the preparation of nanocrystals in a simple and cheap manner. On the other hand, the production of nanoparticles has been carried out at low temperature from ambient temperature to 50°C. The temperature range is a highly important achievement in comparison with other methods, in which temperature process is about 900°C. Generally speaking, the characteristics increase process rate and reduce costs, which will be very helpful for the production of a product at large or industrial scales.
Source: INIC
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