Nanotechnology law and guidelines in Europe

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology Law & Guidelines: A Practical Guide for the Nanotechnology Industries in Europe offers an extensive review of all
Nanotechnology Law & Guidelines
The book is a concise guideline to different issues of nanotechnology in the European Legislation.- It offers an extensive review of all European Patent Office (EPO) cases on nanotechnological inventions. The challenge for new nanotechnology patents is to determine how patent criteria could be met in a patent application. This book shows how to identify the approach and the ways to cope with this challenge.

- It extensively reviews trademark cases at the EU level and an in-depth perspective on competition law and state aid law (mergers, essential facilities licenses, public funding).

- The books presents the original corporate, tax and finance approach within the current EU legal framework

- It gives practical tips to cope with currently existing legislation: the books is not limited to an overview of applicable legislation. E.g.: how to deal with the risk defence under the product liability directive (implemented in 25 out of 27 EU member states) or how to deal with the chemical agents directive and adopt internal policies for nanoparticules.
- It proposes many examples of contract clauses or advertising texts which would be appropriate to market products containing nanotechnologies
- The books focusses on marketing aspects such as advertising, codes of conduct and import/export regulations.
Source: Springer
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