New method determines internal structure of nanofibers

(Nanowerk News) Researchers from Amirkabir University of Technology presented a new method to characterize porosity parameters and the size of holes in nanofibers by taking images and 3-D processing ("The application of Cd Se/ZnS quantum dots and confocal laser scanning microscopy for three-dimensional imaging of nanofibrous structures").
This method enables the determination of internal structure of nanofibers in three dimensions without harming it.
In order to understand the internal structure of advanced materials at nanometric scale and to evaluate internal structural parameters of the materials, it is necessary to employ advanced imaging methods by using materials with specific properties, including the quantum dots. This idea was used in this research to study porous structure and pores size of internal layers of nanofibers.
According to the researchers, numerous methods have so far been developed to evaluate porosity and its related parameters, among which mention can be made of optical method, sieving, liquid passage and bubble making. It is obvious that all of the methods have serious limitations to be used in samples, including nanofibrous layers. For example, mercury penetration method is not able to measure pores smaller than 3-4 nm or very large pores (larger than hundreds of microns).
The presented method in this research includes side-section imaging by using confocal laser microscope and the 3-D processing of images, which is known as the most comprehensive method for the evaluation of the internal structure of nanofibrous layers.
This method is non-destructive and provides a more accurate image to be evaluated in comparison with other methods. It can also be used in all applications that deal with materials at tiny scales.
Source: INIC
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