Researchers simulate behavior of structures containing nanocomposites

(Nanowerk News) Researchers simulated and studied the mechanical behavior of structures containing nanocomposites ("Large amplitude vibration of fractionally damped viscoelastic CNTs/fiber/polymer multiscale composite beams").
A mathematical model has been presented in this research, which is able to predict the behavior of the structures under static and dynamic loads.
The aim of the research is to simulate nonlinear dynamic behavior of structures containing multi-scaled nanocomposites. The studies will result in designing of nanocomposite structures with higher strength and durability and lower weight. Therefore, nonlinear and complicated behavior of the structure will improve against various loads. The results can also significantly reduce the cost to produce the prototype.
The researchers studied the effects of single and multi-layer carbon nanotubes on the efficiency and performance of nonlinear dynamic behavior of structures made of viscoelastic multi-scaled nanocomposites that have mechanical vibrations. To this end, they assumed a structure containing advanced materials such as composites reinforced with carbon nanotubes, and analyzed vibrations at large amplitudes on the structure.
A mathematical model was firstly used on the nanocomposite to study various effects on nonlinear dynamic behavior of the structure designed in this research. Then, the researchers obtained equations of nonlinear dynamic behavior of the designed structure, and studied the effect of each parameter individually.
Source: INIC
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