Online talk: What are 2D materials good for?

(Nanowerk News) The grand finale of CARBONLINEHAGEN 2021 is approaching. Monday, April 26, 16.00 CET will be the last talk this year, and will end with a topic most of us are – or should be – interested in: what 2D materials are good for.
The CARBONLINEHAGEN 2021 has had close to a thousand registered participants this year, which is way beyond our already high expectations. Thank you for the support!
The conference series is of course entirely non-profit with the sole purpose of supporting communication, discussion and collaboration. The research field of 2D materials is in rapid development and the pandemic stagnation of physical meetings and interactions, where we exchange information, has probably hit us particularly hard. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the conference, and that it helped you in some way, or maybe even led to new science and science collaborations – or will.
The organizers have something really interesting for you lined up for the grand finale on Monday. Eric Pop is a highly cited professor at Stanford University, who has spent a lot of time thinking about how, why and when 2D materials are relevant for technology and practical applications (from an electrical engineering perspective), and he has agreed to share his thoughts with us on Monday.
In short, Eric Pop will offer his partial answers to the question "What are 2D materials good for?" (check abstract on We anticipate a lively discussion after the talk, and if that turns out to be the case, we will allow the event to run a bit longer than usual, i.e. up to 17.20 CET.
You can sign up on or directly with this link. For practical reasons, the organizers can only let 500 people into the zoom meeting, so please do not wait until last minute to register.
Source: DTU
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